*These particular plants (fall 2021) are in 1gal pots.

A lovely, unique tree with showy fragrant white flowers! Blooms heavily only one or two times in a decade, but has consistent fall color and young plant have smooth, beech-like bark.

This species is endangered in Indiana, where the only remaining natural population is in Yellowwood State Forest. This population is on the northern edge of the species range, is adapted to northern conditions, and had been isolated from the rest of the species for several thousand years.

Light: Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade

Soil Moisture: Wet Mesic, Mesic, Dry Mesic

Soil Type: Loam, Silt

Height: 30’-60’

Width: 40’-55’

Bloom Color: White

Bloom Time: May

Fruit: Flat seed post contain multiple seeds and mature in fall.

Fall Color: Yellow

Root Type: Taproot

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Little data available. Flowers attract some bees. Known to host one leaf miner. Vulnerable to over browsing by deer.

Notes: Vulnerable to compaction and storm damage, best planted in sheltered spots and/or away from buildings. Trees take 8-10 years to bloom and are self pollinating.

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