In 2024, NPU is offering at least $2,000 of NPU gift cards to be divided among selected applicants, with a maximum $250 per applicant. Recipients will be sent a digital gift card to purchase items for their project. These gift cards must be used during the online preorder period, which ends on April 1st, to purchase plants (or seeds)!  Orders may also qualify for a volume discount, depending on the total, so be sure to maximize your spending.

We provide metal 3"x 5" arboretum-style signs (with optional metal stake or mounting hardware) for you to include in your plantings, acknowledging our sponsorship of your garden. While not strictly required, we would appreciate the nod! If you received a grant or other assistance from us in past years and would like to have one, just drop us an email and we'll get one out to you (sign photo at bottom of page).  When you're ready, please fill out our application to be considered!

Who Can Apply?

[We understand that not-for-profit organizations also have a need for financial assistance. We help organizations too, but we ask that parks, municipalities, large school-funded projects, and so forth contact us via email for special volume discounts rather than apply for this grant.]

Any individual, or small group, volunteering to plant native species in public places should apply! Some examples: neighborhood median or boulevard, apartment complex and HOA entries, common areas, beds, and playgrounds.  Volunteer-led projects in public areas around public buildings like libraries, schools (student/teacher led projects), city hall, small museums/historical societies, and so forth. 

Other circumstances will be considered as well, so don't be shy! Several of our customers' properties back up to major trail systems, and they received grants to help them replace non-native plants with natives so passersby can enjoy and learn. So, hit us with your ideas!

How are Recipients Selected? 

To be considered, please fill out our application for and submit any pictures you want us to see via email. The NPU team will review all applications and select those that have the greatest chance of success. We want to give our donated plants the best chance to survive and be appreciated—by humans and wildlife alike—for years to come. Strong preference will be given to proposals that utilize wildtype natives exclusively. If applicants seem equally prepared, we will favor those in locations where they can be appreciated by the most people.

Please ask for only what you're sure you need, so that we can help as many people as possible. Remember that any plants you receive will either reseed themselves, mature in width/ height, spread by runner, or any combination of those! 
Some basic stats to assist you:

  • Plants range from $3.99-$7.49, avg $5.50
  • Spacing should be roughly 1 plant per sq ft (should adjust up for large species like wild blue indigo, cup plant, joe-pye, etc.)

If you're not sure about your estimate, send us an email and we'll help where we can! :)

Submitting Your Application:

New this year, we created an online application. Unfortunately, it doesn't support file attachments. Please email any images you wish to submit to with the subject "2024 Grant Application- [Your Name]”. 


All applications must be submitted by March 1st, 2024. Recipients will be notified in early March, so that there is plenty of time to place your order before the April 1st deadline. Again, gift cards must be used during the preorder period which ends April 1, 2024. 

If you receive a grant and plans fall through, please let us know so we can pass the grant on to a runner-up!

Thank you for planting native -- we can't wait to hear your proposals!