This was our first year of our grant program and wow, what a start! We ended up with 30(!) submissions, requesting about $7,000 (!!) in total, each seeking to share native plantings with their community. The choice was hard... too hard! So, to ease our decision, we doubled the pool! Just over $2000 in grants have been awarded to 11 different candidates. 

We wanted to share not only the grant recipients, but also an idea of their projects. So, with their kind permission, the spring 2022 grant recipients are:

Liza Bates. Director of Special Education for four rural school districts, East Central Indiana. Horticulture project with natives.

Holliday Park, Indianapolis, IN, Nature Center Backyard Learning Lab. Native plantings around bird feeding station.

Diana Hart. Garden Director for Poplar Village Gardens, Ft. Wayne. Native plantings to enhance an urban community farm.

Ian Oehler. Garden Manager, Groundwork Indy.  Restore native plantings at Indy Park's forested property adjacent to Fall Creek, involving Indy area youth.

Russiaville Branch Library of Kokomo Howard Co. Public Library. Native plantings around the family-friendly grounds, and bed around main branch sign.

Bloomingdale Neighborhood, Fort Wayne.  Native plantings to enhance our existing streetscape, storefronts and residential areas.

Mary Durkin. "Native Plants for the Neighborhood" Adjacent to Blvd Pl Food Pantry at 42nd & Boulevard, Butler-Tarkington Indianapolis. Augments a native Pollinator Garden (installed 2021). Invasive shrubs on the streetside will be replaced with a native shrub/forb demo area for residents and passersby to enjoy and learn how to replicate. Residents & food pantry clients will be welcome to stop by, chat, learn, and help.

Mandy KellerSt. Vincent de Paul School, Ft. Wayne. Prayer Garden/Outdoor classroom for school playground.  

IPS School 91 Garden Committee.The School 91 Garden Committee consists of parents from the school community and neighbors that live within immediate proximity of the building. An unused median on the school property will be converted to a Montessori STEAM Cut Flower Garden.  This space will serve as a butterfly haven and outdoor learning space for PreK to 8th grade students.  

Anne Freeman. Urban Greenhouse and Garden Club at Northside Middle School, Columbus, IN.  Create native pollinator park in courtyard.

Clark Fralick. Sugar Creek Elementary, New Palestine, IN.  Enhance existing outdoor learning lab and vegetable garden.

We very much wish we could have awarded funds to all 30 projects!  They were all fantastic ideas. This was another learning experience for us and as always, we have some ideas about how to do it better.  Look for more grant opportunities from us in the future!

THE BELOW INFORMATION IS OUT OF DATE- We will leave it up until future grant applications open so anyone interested can see how it works.


We are gratified to be able to assist various organizations (parks, schools, churches, etc.) as they work to establish green areas and beds, incorporate Indiana native plants, and showcase their benefits to the public. However, we also recognize that not everyone putting time, effort, and money into community plantings has a board to allot them a budget, or access to a non-profit to get a grant. Enter....

Native Plants Unlimited’s Grant Program!

Every year we will make available $1,000 of NPU gift cards to be divided among selected applicants, with a maximum $250 per applicant. These gift cards must be used during the online pre-order period (March 4th - April 1st) to purchase plants or seeds!

Four grant recipients will receive a one hour virtual Coaching Session with Favor Native lead designer Laura Essex. Sessions are conducted via phone or Zoom, where Laura will advise you on plant selection, new bed installation and planting, tips for success, and more to ensure success with your new beautiful and beneficial garden.

Who Can Apply?

Any individual, or small group, volunteering to plant native species in public places! Got permission to beautify a neighborhood median or boulevard? Perfect. Apartment complex give the go ahead to put a native border around the clubhouse garden beds? Right on. HOA wants to convert one of the common areas to natives? Nice. Local park taking volunteers to plant some naturalistic landscaping around their entrance? We’ve got you covered. 

Other circumstances will be considered as well, so don't be shy! One of our customer's properties backs up to a major trail system. They worked to remove non-native plants and replace them with natives, such that all passersby could enjoy and learn. So, hit us with your ideas!

How are Winners Selected? 

The NPU team will review all applications and select those that have the greatest chance of success. We know how it goes. Sometimes plans don’t materialize and community efforts fall through! But we want to give our donated plants the best chance to survive and be appreciated—by humans and wildlife alike—for years to come. If applicants seem equally prepared, we will favor those in locations where they can be appreciated by the most people. At least four applications will be chosen per year, but, if multiple smaller applications are selected, many applications may be selected to receive a gift card. So, don’t be afraid to apply for a smaller amount!

How To Apply:

Write us a short letter about your project! It doesn’t need to be an essay in MLA format. We’re all just neighbors helping neighbors, after all. But! We want to do what we can to make sure our donated plants will be put to good use. So, give us the low down on your experience, project, and goals. Consider addressing the following points to make sure we have all the information we need to make a decision: 

  1. How much funding would you like to receive? Do you already have a budget, or matching funds?  
  2. Do you already have permission and allotted space to install your planting?
  3. Are you working with a group (such as friends, garden club members, or other community members), or are you flying solo?
  4. Have you or any of your group members installed or taken care of native plantings in the past?
  5. Are there plans in place to maintain the planting (e.g. watering/weeding in at least the first summer, mulching if appropriate, future non-native species control/weeding by relevant parties)
  6. Have you ever or are you ready to put wire fencing around individual plants or the whole bed to protect it from rabbits, deer, or wandering local dogs if necessary?

Please add anything else that you think will help us understand your project, such as photos, maps, and diagrams.

How to Submit:

E-mail your application to with the subject "Grant Application”.

Deadline For Submissions:

All applications should be submitted by March 3, 2022. Gift cards need to be used during the preorder period which ends April 1, 2022.