For Beginners:

What to Expect From a Native Plant Sale - they can be different than visiting a typical nursery, which may surprise new native gardeners! Here's the what and wherefore of NPU's sales in particular, and pictures from our past herbaceous sales!

How to Plant Natives - Helping wildlife often brings new people to gardening in general! New to the game? Welcome, and this one's for you!

Deer and Rabbit Fencing - Almost everyone needs it at some point. Here's what we've found to be effective, with pictures to demonstrate.

Sowing Native Seeds - How and when to sow native seeds, and some short examples of ways to prep the planting site. It's easier than you think!

Tips on Planting Bare Roots - The are lots of different kinds species that can be planted as a bare root, but here are some general tips!

General Info:

On Cultivars and Wildtype Natives - We use these words a lot, but what exactly do they mean, and why are they important?

Concerning Monarchs - Tips on how to help North America's most charismatic butterfly, and NPU's take on our responsibility to the creatures our plantings support. Have a butterfly garden in the works? Take a look!

On Mosquito Control by Nancy Tatum - A guest blog post! Mosquito fogging is a common practice, but kills indiscriminately. Here, Nancy Tatum supplies several other ways to keep local mosquito populations under control.

Invasive Jumping Worms in Indiana - They've been recorded in multiple areas of the state, and they're on the move. We share strategies for curtailing their spread and what to look out for!

NPU Interview, Turf Grass Replacements - Here we field questions form Margo Lambert, a student at Anderson University, about making the change to native plants with a focus on turf grass replacements. Shared here with Margo's kind permission!