• All preorders must be placed through the website. No mail-in orders or mail-in checks will accepted.
  • No limited availability or preorder exclusive plants.  No rush to order.
  • Discount tiers:
    • Planter- Orders with totals $100-$199 receive 10% off their order
    • Gardener- Orders with totals $200-$299 receive 15% off their order
    • Conservationist- Orders with totals $300-$499 receive 20% off their order
    • Restorationist- Orders with totals $500 or more receive 25% off their order
  • We do not anticipate running out of preorder species.  Of course, that assumes no crop failures.  If a crop fails and we are unable source the species elsewhere, we will issue full refunds. All plants available for preorder will also be represented on our shelves at the public sale, so you can purchase extras if you need them. *Last year we ran out of some species and we are taking steps to avoid that this year!*
  • Preorders must schedule a pick up time. Once your order is placed, you will receive a link to schedule a pick-up slot between Wednesday, May 4th and Sunday, May 7th. There's no need to schedule right away, but consider flagging your confirmation email for easy reference.  Scheduling helps us all by spreading customers out-- reducing wait times and crowding, providing a more relaxed experience. We want to get all your questions answered!
  • Preordering is the only way to get plants with us at a discount. Discounts will function the same as last year: when you go to complete your order, you'll need to enter one of four codes (based on your total) to receive your discount. These will be located in the banner and sidebar on the website for your convenience. If you forget your code, please reach out to us! We can issue a partial refund for your discount.


Picking Up:

  • Arrive at Geist Nursery during your scheduled pickup window.
  • At the pick-up location, you will be given a printed copy of your order.
  • Select the plants you've preordered from the pickup area.  Help will be available
  • After picking your plants, an employee will look over your order to verify your order is complete.
  • Once finished, you are free to enter our public sale pavilion!

When you arrive at Geist Nursery, you will fill your own order in the greenhouse behind the big blue gift shop building. Don't worry- everything will be well organized and the picking will be super easy!

This *newly renovated* area will be set up with preorder plants only. When you check in, we will give you an alphabetized version of your receipt (your order confirmation email will not be alphabetized, so please use the version we give you). Species will be clearly labeled and ordered alphabetically in the pickup area.

Our crew will be on hand to get you a flat(s), show you where to begin, answer any questions, and help you if necessary. If you need help picking your order for time and/or accessibility reasons, we will be happy to help! We've found that this method reduces order fulfillment errors, allows people to select the individual plants they prefer, and helps us keep our prices as low as possible!

 **PLEASE NOTE: Last year was our first year trying this method. We failed to anticipate the amount of undersized plants per flat and we came up short at the end of the pickups. We learned from our mistake, and that will NOT happen this year!**

Pot/Plant Size:

All pre-order plants come in small pots that are 3.75in high by 2.25in wide.

The size of actual plants vary depending on their age and species. Most of our plants are young plants in their first year to facilitate easy transport, but we occasionally receive more robust, second year plants. Keep in mind that early May is still chilly, and warm season plants are often just sprouting. These are perfectly happy and healthy, they’re just waiting for warm weather to take off!