A.k.a. wild blue phlox. A late spring blooming, showy woodland wildflower. Prefers higher quality bright forest understory, but adapts well to fertile, well mulched beds. Flower color is highly variable- usually light purple or blue, but whites and pinks are possible. Foliage will slowly creep and is semi-evergreen, so can be used as a shade groundcover!

Light: Part Sun/Shade, Shade

Soil Moisture: Wet Mesic, Mesic, Dry Mesic

Soil Type: Loam

Height: 1'-2'

Bloom Color: Purple/Blue

Bloom Time: May-Jun

Root Type: Fibrous

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Flowers attract long tongued bees, flies, butterflies, skippers, and moths. Hosts the spotted straw moth, olive arches moth, and a few smaller insects. Commonly browsed by herbivores.

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