A deciduous native holly with the red clusters of drupes (berries) hollies are famous for! Berries hold into the winter, and are easy to see on bare winter branches. Summer flowers are insignificant and leaves blacken and fall with the first frost. Perfect for a wet border with fall interest!

Only female plants fruit, at least one male needed for pollination. Our plants are too young to be sexed.

Light: Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade

Soil Moisture: Wet, Wet Mesic

Soil Type: Adaptable

Height: 3’-12’

Width: 3’-12’ 

Bloom Color: White

Bloom Time: Jun-Jul

Fruit: Red drupes (berries) mature in fall.

Fall Color: -

Root Type: Branching

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Flowers attract small bees and flies. Hosts moths such as the black-shouldered gray, and a few smaller insects. Berries are not preferred by wildlife, so are an important winter food source for birds such as thrushes, bluebirds, catbirds, pileated woodpeckers, and northern flickers. Sparingly browsed by deer.

Notes: Adapted to bottomlands and shrubby swamps, but can adjust to landscaping with regular watering. Does not runner.

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