A.k.a. muskingum sedge*. A distinctive, showy, fairly tall sedge that hosts several species of moth, butterfly, and skipper! Prefers part sun/shade- will tolerate full sun with sufficient moisture, and will tolerate full shade but tends to flop.

Light: Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade, Shade

Soil Moisture: Wet, Wet Mesic, Mesic

Soil Type: Loam

Height: 2'-3'

Bloom Time: May-Jun

Root Type: Rhizome

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Hosts multiple moths, skippers, and butterflies including the eyed brown butterfly, broad-winged skipper, and tufted sedge moth. Also supports a few leafhoppers, a spittle bug, and several beetles. Seeds are eaten by many wetland birds including ducks, woodcocks, sparrows, and towhee. Some squirrels and voles utilize it as a minor food source. The dense, fairly tall leaves provide cover when the plants grow in colonies.

*This common name, and the species name, is derived from a river in Ohio along which this sedge grows.

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