For those new to gardening, unfamiliar with native plants, overwhelmed by our species options, or just looking for a second opinion- NPU offers site visits to help you narrow down the species that would do well in your conditions!

What a consult entails: We will make note of soil, water, and light conditions, discuss any specific species of interest, and provide a list of recommended species for the space(s). The species list is usually finished a few days after the consult and will be sent as a PDF via e-mail. The list will contain the scientific and common name we use for each species, but will not include any details about the species (due to database limitations- we hope to change this in the future). Highlight your suggested species on our Reference PDFs for their info at a glance! 

Rate: Consults are $50/hour and $.50/mi (from Fishers). Consults rarely take more than one hour.

Payment: Payment is expected at the time of consultation- we take cash, check, and credit card. 

Please note that we are not landscapers and do not offer landscape design. While we can tailor lists to aesthetic preferences (ie, height, flower color), we will not make the final selection from the recommended species and always encourage landowners to review the provided list and pick the plants they like best!

Remember: Our plant sales are seasonal, so we can only supply herbaceous plants (perennials and annuals) in the spring and woody plants (trees, shrubs, and vines) in the fall. Consultations will not be available during our spring and fall sales but, if you have an idea of what you’re after, you are welcome to come chat with us at the sale!

Scheduling: Email with the subject “Consultation Request”. Please include your name, address (so we can give you an estimate right away), a basic run down of the areas you want species recommendations for, and a few dates that would work well for you. We will get back with you as soon as possible!

Do you already know your light and water conditions? Then a consult may not be necessary! You can easily make yourself a species shortlist with our Reference PDFs! Print it out or work digitally- just mark out species that are definitely unsuited to your site and highlight species you fancy, and you're off the the races! The PDFs also include height ranges, bloom color, and bloom time for easy reference during garden planning.
NPU is happy to offer consults to offer species recommendations, but we also do our best to make our plants as accessible as possible. Don't be afraid to give it a try yourself!