A showy, blue blooming plant that tolerates dry, rocky soil, and hosts a number of caterpillars! Large, showy seed pods are valuable for winter interest. Resistant to deer browsing.

Light: Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade

Soil Moisture: Mesic, Dry Mesic, Dry

Soil Type: Adaptable

Height: 2'-4'

Bloom Color: Blue

Bloom Time: May-Jun

Root Type: Taproot

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Mainly pollinated by bumblebee queens. Hosts the wild indigo dusty wing skipper, hoary edge skipper, frosted elfin butterfly, marine blue butterfly, orangesulphur butterfly, and a number of moths. Mildly toxic foliage makes them unpalatable to herbivores.

Blue False Indigo (Baptisia australis)

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