A taller, clumping sedge with lush seed heads that can adapt to mesic conditions. The wind dispersed seeds are fluffy when they mature in the fall, hence the ‘wool’ in wool grass! Despite common name and that this and other related Scirpus are often called “bulrushes”, woolgrass is a sedge!

Light: Full Sun

Soil Moisture: Wet, Wet Mesic, Mesic

Soil Type: Shallow Water, Muck, Loam, Sandy Loam, Gravely Loam

Height: 3'-5'

Leaf Texture: Medium

Bloom Time: Jul-Aug

Root Type: Rhizome

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Hosts the Dion skipper, moths such as the lost owlet, and some smaller insects including some semi aquatic leaf beetles. Colonial growth habit means it provides good cover and habitat for wetland animals. Foliage and roots are occasionally eaten by muskrats, and seeds are eaten by voles.

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