A.k.a. hardy hibiscus. A wetland loving native hibiscus! Puts on large, showy pink flowers expected from hibiscus that range from pink to white, and may have red centers. Hosts such native species as the painted lady butterfly and Io moth! Tolerates a small amount of shade, but blooms the best in full sun. Adapts to medium garden beds with consistent moisture. Vulunerable to Japanese beetles.

Light: Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade

Soil Moisture: Wet, Wet Mesic

Soil Type: Loamy, Silty, Sandy

Height: 3'-6'

Bloom Color: White/Pink

Bloom Time: Jul-Sep

Root Type: Rhizome

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Flowers attract bees, including one obligate species, and hummingbirds. Hosts the checkered skipper, the grey hairstreak and painted lady butterflies, moths including the yellow scallop, Io, and pearly wood nymph, and other small insects.

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