This listing is for one packet of SHORTGRASS PRAIRIE SEED MIX for 500 sq. ft. 
See photo for percentages of each species. (117 seeds/sq ft) by wt.

For best germination of native species, remember to start or scatter seeds October-January! 

Each packet contains:


Nodding Onion

Butterfly Weed

White Wild Indigo

Partridge Pea

Lance-leaf Coreopsis

White Prairie Clover

Purple Prairie Clover

Prairie Cinquefoil

Pale Purple Coneflower

Rattlesnake Master

Flowering Spurge

Meadow Blazing Star

Wild Quinine

Wood Betony

Foxglove Beardtongue

Large-flowered Beardtongue

Sweet Everlasting

Black-eyed Susan

Wild Petunia

Showy Goldenrod

Sky Blue Aster

Goat's Rue

Ohio Spiderwort

Hoary Vervain


New Jersey Tea


Side-oats Grama

Plains Oval Sedge

June Grass

Little Bluestem

Rough Dropseed


Plant seed mix in an open, sunny location with medium to medium-dry soil. The seedbed should be free of established vegetation, which can be controlled through repeated tilling (cultivation), smothering or herbicide. Sow mix evenly and lightly rake or firm seed into soil surface.

Best planted mid-October through November (Fall), or early winter, which will allow seed to cold moist stratify. Seed mixes can also be planted in early spring.

Trim weed growth to 5" through the first growing season.

Hand weed in following seasons. Be patient, some species take three or more years to reach blooming maturity.

Sun: Full

Soil: Medium-Dry

Qty available:10

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