This listing is for one packet of Purple Poppy Mallow, (Callirhoe involucrata) seeds. Each packet contains roughly 25 seeds. For best germination of native species, remember to scatter seeds October-January!

Purple Poppy Mallow: Also known as Wine Cups. Flowers are merlot and magenta, in a chalice-shape. A perfect ground cover for dry, depleted soils: spreads to about 3' but only grows 12" tall. Spring foliage may reach 18". A fabulous choice for spilling over and softening hardscape edges. Despite these rambling habits, Purple Poppy Mallow plays nicely with others - topping out between 6 and 12 inches - which allows enough sunlight for other plants to poke through and share the spotlight. The flowers open each day and close at night, making for an extensive bloom period.

Callirhoe involucrata requires full sun to maintain healthy growth and thrives in depleted, gritty, dry soils.  Too much moisture and shade tend to create rot and pest problems.  This plant develops a very long taproot, making it incredibly drought resistant, but also rather difficult to transplant, so choose its site carefully.  Purple Poppy Mallow will self-seed when it is happy.  Directly sown from the plant, seeds have a very tough coating.  We sell this species with the hull removed, as shown in the photo above.  Even with the hull removed, we recommend following the guidelines for Germination Code B: bring water to a boil and pour it over the seed - allow seeds to soak in the water overnight, then artificially stratify or sow outdoors in the fall.  We find this method encourages more consistent germination.  

Light: Full Sun to Part Shade

Soil Moisture: Mesic, Dry Mesic, Dry

Soil Type: Clay, Loam, Sand, Well-drained (!) and rocky

Height: 6"-18", 3' spread when mature.

Bloom Color: Magenta

Bloom Time: Jun-Aug

Root Type: Taproot

Notable Wildlife Interactions: This species is a host plant for Gray Hairstreak and Checkered Skipper caterpillars. Interplant with Allium or Milkweed to deter rabbits and deer from snacking on these plants.

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