This listing is for one packet of Prairie Smoke (Geum triflorum) seeds. Each packet contains roughly 80 seeds. For best germination of native species, remember to start or scatter seeds October-January!

A low growing plant whose height is made up almost entirely by bloom stalk, which are a showy dark red. The basal rosette hugs the ground and may reach 10” across. Prefers poor, well drained soils and does not compete well with taller plants. May spread slowly by rhizomes to form a groundcover.

Light: Full Sun

Soil Moisture: Mesic, Dry Mesic, Dry

Soil Type: Rocky, Sandy

Height: 5”-10”

Bloom Color: Red

Bloom Time: May-Jun

Root Type: Rhizome

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Little data available. Flowers attract bumblebees. May host a species of leaf beetle.

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