A beautifully clumping short grass with fine, sprawling leaves. Very rarely reseeds even in garden beds, making it a prime grass for landscaping. Flowers are small but fragrant. Readily eaten by grazers, but passed over by browsers such as deer. 

Light: Full Sun

Soil Moisture: Mesic, Dry Mesic, Dry

Soil Type: Loamy, Rocky, Gravely

Height: 1'-3'

Bloom Time: Jul-Sep

Root Type: Fibrous

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Supports some grasshoppers and two rare obligate leafhoppers, including the red-tailed leafhopper. Seeds are eaten by many sparrows and other seed eating songbirds such as junco. Foliage is readily eaten by mammalian grazers, and small rodents make burrows in the leaf bases and roots.

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