*These particular plants (fall 2021) are in 5gal pots and are quite sumptuous.

A robust wild hydrangea with large, showy leaves and blooms! Blooms on old wood, prune immediately after flowering. Prefers rich, moist, well drained soil in part shade.

Light: Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade

Soil Moisture: Wet Mesic, Mesic

Soil Type: Loam, Sandy Loam

Height: 6’-8’

Width: 6’-8’

Bloom Color: White

Bloom Time: May-Jul

Fruit: Seeds are incredibly small and wind blown.

Fall Color: Red, Purple

Root Type: Rhizome

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Little data available. Flowers likely attract small bees, flies, and beetles.

Notes: Will sucker slowly. If desired, should only be cut back to the ground every 2-3 years. May die back to the ground in harsh winters.

Qty available:5

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