(Not a Preorder, please order separately. Not eligible for preorder discounts.)

Need a gift for a nature lover in your life? Want to help a friend get started on their native plant journey? Still looking for a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to include in a holiday card? NPU has the Gift Card for you! 

How do they work? Your order confirmation will come with a digital gift certificate that has a unique code. Use the code to redeem your gift card in person or on our online store! These are digital currency codes, which means they don’t need to be spent all at once and we can track the amount remaining on each code. Certificates can be printed out to include in a holiday card, but make sure to save your code on a device for ease of use!

All gift cards are digital so don’t be alarmed by the “Quantity: 0” below, there’s an… Unlimited… number available.

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