One of the first blooming spring flowers! Bright yellow flowers and green foliage are conspicuous,  particularly when few other plants have put on growth. Not a true marigold as the common name suggests, but related to buttercups. A showy addition to edible gardens!

Light: Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade, Shade

Soil Moisture: Wet, Wet Mesic

Soil Type: Muck, Shallow Standing Water

Height: 1'-2'

Bloom Color: Yellow

Bloom Time: Apr

Root Type: Rhizome

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Flowers attract flies and bees. Little data on insect interactions, hosts at least two species of beetle. Foliage is generally avoided by mammalian browsers. Seeds are eaten by some wetland birds, such as ducks and rails, and some small mammals, such as voles and chipmunks.

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