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Custom designs, locally screen printed by hand!

We needed to reach order minimums for our uniforms, so, since customers have asked about our designs, we printed a few extra. Hollyn came up with the bloodroot/salamander design years ago - eventually it became our logo after we purchased NPU. The spicebush design came from the last two fall sales as we unloaded hundreds of spicebushes for you. That, and we’re native plant/sci-fi double nerds. 

Quantities are limited and we don’t have future orders planned. If we’re out of your size but you’re interested in potential future printings, shoot us an email so we can gauge interest for next year

Modeled shirts are a Medium (Bloodroot) and an XL (Spicebush). Please select both the size and design you want in the drop down menu. Color pictured is the only one available. All shirts are unisex, 100% cotton Comfort Colors t-shirts. As they are hand printed, please allow for small alignment errors.

SHIRTS SHIP IMMEDIATELY, SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN PRICE. WE DO NOT SHIP PLANTS, THIS IS OUR ONLY CURRENT ITEM THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE PICKUP. Your confirmation email will prompt you to schedule a plant pickup, disregard this if you only purchased a shirt!

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