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Estimated Height at Pickup: 2-3’, 3 gal

A manageably sized oak tree that produces nuts at 3-5 years! A barrens species, they have a broad regional range that in Indiana is restricted to the extreme north of the state, in the poor, sandy soils surrounding the Great Lakes. Reasonably adaptable to cultivated beds with dryer, well drained soils. Produces a reliable nut crop valued by wildlife.  Can be trained as a tree or a shrub.

Pollination: 2+ individuals needed.

Light: Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade, Shade

Soil Moisture: Mesic, Dry Mesic, Dry

Soil Type: Sandy, Rocky

Height: 3’-20’ 

Width: 3’-20’ 

Bloom Color: -

Bloom Time: Apr-May

Fruit: Smaller, comparatively sweet acorns ripen in fall.

Fall Color: Yellow, Brown

Root Type: Taproot

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Like all oaks, it hosts an incredible variety of insects, including many weevils, beetles, leafhoppers, treehoppers, lace bugs, skippers, and moths. Acorns are low in tannins and sought after by many birds, including bobwhite, turkey, woodpeckers, and nuthatches, and many mammals including deer, squirrels, foxes, raccoons, opossums, and chipmunks. Commonly browsed by deer and rabbits.

Notes: Readily hybridizes with other white oaks. Capable of spreading by runners, but rarely does so.

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