These blueberry lookalikes love part shade and wet mesic to dry acidic soil- perfect for tricky spots next to evergreen trees. Photo shows emerging spring foliage.  Edible berries are sweet, can be treated much like blueberries, and are loved by many songbirds- all in one small statured shrub!

Light: Full Sun, Part Sun/Shade, Shade

Soil Moisture: Wet Mesic, Mesic, Dry Mesic, Dry

Soil Type: Sandy, Rocky

Height: 1’-3’

Width: 1’-3’

Bloom Color: Pink

Bloom Time: May-Jul

Fruit: Sweet black berries mature Aug-Sep.

Fall Color: Red

Root Type: Branching

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Flowers attract mainly bees, occasionally small flies and butterflies. Hosts the Henry’s elfin butterfly, moths such as the pink sallow, Gordian sphinx and huckleberry eye-spot. Berries are eaten by a wide variety of game and songbirds including thrushes, grouse, quail, turkey, doves, jays, towhee, and grosbeaks. Mammals such as fox squirrels will also eat berries, and deer commonly browse foliage.

Notes: Flowers can self pollinate, but set more fruit when cross pollinated. Can tolerate more shade but may not set fruit. Tends to form colonies through suckers. 

Sure they're no Val Kilmer, but they can be your huckleberry just the same. ;)

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