From the Publisher: A comprehensive and beautifully illustrated reference for all gardeners passionate about native plants and prairie restoration.
The Gardener’s Guide to Prairie Plants is the one-stop compendium for all gardeners aspiring to use native prairie plants in their gardens. Neil Diboll and Hilary Cox—two renowned prairie gardeners—compile more than four decades’ worth of research to offer a wide-ranging and definitive reference for starting and maintaining prairie and meadow gardens and restorations. Alongside detailed synopses of plant life cycles, meticulous range maps, and sweeping overviews of natural history, Diboll and Cox also include photographs of 148 prairie plants in every stage of development, from seedling to seedhead. North America’s grasslands once stretched from the Blue Ridge to the Rocky Mountains, and from Texas to Manitoba, blanketing the mid-continent with ecologically important, garden-worthy, native species. This book provides all the inspiration and information necessary for eager native planters from across the country to welcome these plants back to their landscapes. The Gardener’s Guide to Prairie Plants is a must-have reference for gardeners, restorationists, and every flora fan with a passion for native plants, prairies and meadows. 

From NPU: The most comprehensive and in depth book we carry on the topic of homegrown restoration of prairies. We the species bios are excellent reference- we particularly appreciate the inclusion of pictures of seedlings of each species, a detail we haven't seen for so many species anywhere else.

Stats: 644 Pages, 1278 Color Plates, 55 tables, 6x9 inches, Published 2023

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