From the Publisher: “If more people read this book, nobody would be scared of bees.” This heartfelt endorsement from a 9 year old reader explains why you should read this book with the children you love.  

Sip, Pick, and Pack…How Pollinators Help Plants Make Seeds, teaches children about pollinators, and their crucial role in growing our food, in a really fun way. With 22 beautiful illustrations, and an engaging rhyming text, it appeals to both children and adults. The book also helps children understand how they can help, and hurt, the pollinators around them.

Also included is a helpful glossary of terms that may be unfamiliar, as well as fun facts about bees and other pollinators. This book is great for reading to young children, as well as for individual and group reading in grades 3-6.

Stats: Hardcover, 8.25" x 10.25", 32 pages, Full Color, Published 2017 by Orange Frazer Press

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