From the Publisher: Landscaping with native plants has encouraged gardeners from the Midwest and beyond to embark on a profound scientific, ecological, and emotional partnership with nature. Benjamin Vogt shares his expertise with prairie plants in a richly photographed guide aimed at gardeners and homeowners, making big ideas about design approachable and actionable. Step-by-step blueprints point readers to plant communities that not only support wildlife and please the eye but that rethink traditional planting and maintenance. Additionally, Vogt provides insider information on plant sourcing, garden tools, and working with city ordinances. This book will be an invaluable reference in sustainable garden design for those wanting both beautiful and functional landscapes.

Easy to use and illustrated with over 150 color photos, Prairie Up is a practical guide to artfully reviving diversity and wildness in our communities.

From NPU: Excellent as both a primer and reference for practical native plant know-how. A collection of what can only be learned through experience, excellent in both readability and the breadth of information. Covers such topics as plant communities, plants for diversity and wildlife support, planning, layering, installing, and managing plantings. The notes on topics like cultivars, passing weed inspections, floppy plants, and the candid q&a really bring it all together!
If we had to recommend only one book to those just starting out or looking to up their native gardening game, it’d be this one!

Stats: 176 pages, Paperback, 8x10 inches, Published 2023

Are you a more experienced gardener and/or looking for a more in-depth book about prairie restoration that goes thunk when you set it down? Try The Gardener's Guide to Prairie Plants by Neil Diboll & Hilary Cox

"Vogt's text is a cookbook for prairie restoration featuring unparalleled lists of which plants to use, in what combinations, and under what conditions. This how-to knowledge draws from Vogt’s own experience designing and maintaining suburban gardens. This type of experience is priceless!"
-- Douglas Tallamy

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