A.k.a. liverleaf and liverwort. One of the earliest spring flowers, this ephemeral prefers dapped shade in the spring and bright shade in the summer. Foliage is evergreen and it’s color varies widely between individuals and seasons. Rich, well drained soils are preferred. Very similar to sharp lobed hepatica,* but may have a better tolerance for slightly dryer soils.

Light: Part Sun/Shade, Shade

Soil Moisture: Mesic, Dry Mesic

Soil Type: Humus, Loam, Rocky Loam

Height: 3”-6”

Bloom Color: White, Purple

Bloom Time: Apr-May

Root Type: Fiberous

Notable Wildlife Interactions: Flowers attract bees and flies. Chipmunks may feed on the small fruits and seeds. Foliage is generally overlooked by browsers.

*Other scientific names for this species include Anemone americana, Anemone hepatica, Hepatica nobilis var. obtusa, & Hepatica triloba var. americana. Currently, it seems to be considered the same species as sharp-lobed hepatica with a different expression. The ranges of the two varieties widely overlap, and they likely interbreed. Other than the titular small difference in leaf shape, the varieties are very similar. Round-lobed hepatica may tolerate slightly dryer conditions better than sharp-lobed.


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