NPU Sustainability

Since we purchased Native Plants Unlimited in 2020, we’ve been trying to reduce and reuse or eliminate plastics to become as sustainable as possible. To that end, we’ve been collecting pots and returning them to the growers for reuse where possible. We have returned two truck loads of pots and trays to Spence Nursery (this represents many thousands of small spring sale pots and hundreds of trays!) and a large amount of Woody Warehouse pots from the fall sale!

Last spring we used plastic baggies for the impromptu bare root trial run. After some research, we’ve decided to try something a little different this time. This year’s bags are made of “commercially compostable” bioplastics! (Compostable with time, heat, and oxygen that most of us don’t have available at home.) While not suitable for backyard composting, these baggies can be included in your green waste subscription, or green-waste drop-off location. If you don’t have that service available, they also won’t biodegrade into toxic chemicals or take as long to degrade in a landfill.