'22 Fall Sale

'22 Fall Sale

Welcome to all our new customers!

We are here to assist you in choosing the best plants for your spaces and learning about native plant ecology, but we know our sales may not be like other sales you’ve experienced! So here's a bit about what to expect when you preorder and/or attend the public sale.

NPU is a very small family business. Our sales are hosted by Geist Nursery, another (separate, different, please don't call them looking for us) small family business. We purchase from small to mid-sized regional growers, most also family owned.

We do not grow our own plants, and WE DO NOT SHIP PLANTS.

Plants are living things. Our growers try to standardize sizes and shapes, but plants do what they want and are affected by many environmental factors.

We do not offer guarantees because the plants are subject to too many variables after they leave our care. Our promise is to be sure the plants we sell are healthy and vigorous. If we end up with a sad one, we’ll let you know and you can decide for yourself whether to take the chance on it.

Because we do not have our own property, we rely heavily on preorders for our seasonal sales. This helps us get estimate how many plants we need for the season so that we don’t purchase too many.

You are NEVER obligated to purchase a plant from us. If you need to cancel a preorder, you may do so no questions asked. If you pick up your preorder and a plant isn’t what you expected, please let us know and we can refund you.

WHY preorder? Preorders guarantee that what you want will be available when you come to the sale. In addition, preorder customers choose a time slot in which to pick up their order. During that time they can ask us questions and shop at a less busy time, as well as get first selection of the species that are ONLY at the public sale.

We do our best with online listings, but there’s nothing like seeing a plant in person to know what you’re getting. That’s why, after preorders are picked up, we offer a public sale period. The lengths of the sales may vary. We don’t carry near as many species at the public sale, BUT some species are ONLY available at the public sale due to uncertainty of supply.

We welcome questions! We want your efforts to succeed and we are here to help as best we can. Email, text, or call- we’ll do our best.
In addition, the listings includes a lot of information such as growing conditions, and special considerations for each species. An abbreviated version of that info is available all the time online in the form of a “cheat sheet” PDF for easy reference.

We take back pots and trays to the growers for reuse which is wonderful, and we’re more than happy to do that-  *BUT ONLY THE ONES THAT COME FROM OUR SALES*. Please follow the instructions on other pots as to if/how they can be recycled.